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iPhone Blood Pressure Tracking and Reporting - iBPTouch

iBPTouch is a simple to use iPhone blood pressure tracking application. iBPTouch allows you to track and report your blood pressure on the Apple iPhone® and iPod Touch®. If you have hypertension, iBPTouch is a simple and inexpensive way to track your blood pressure for an expended period of time. You can use iBPTouch to email blood pressure reports to your doctor or other individuals from your iPhone or iPod Touch. iBPTouch is available for purchase from the iTunes App Store.


iBPTouch - iPhone Blood Pressure Tracking and Reporting
iBPTouch - iPhone Blood Pressure Tracking and Reporting
BPTouch is an intuitively easy iPhone blood pressure tracking application to use. Even users with little experience with the iPhone® or iPod Touch® interfaces will quickly master iBPTouch. With iBPTouch, you can track your blood pressure on your iPhone via a simple to use interface. There are no artifical limits to the number of readings that you can save or the number of times per day that you can save a reading. iBPTouch provides the ability to chart your blood pressure over a variable period of time that is determined by you. You can also categorize your readings with a built activities or create custom activities of your own. You can email custom reports from your iPhone that are based on a date range and activity type chosen by you.

  Record Systolic, Diastolic, & Pulse
  Multiple Readings Per Day
  No Limit to the Number of Readings
  User Defineable Activities
  Report by User Defined Date Range
  Report by Activity Type
  Chart Readings
  Email Selected Readings

User Guide

You can download the iBPTouch User Guide here.